I’m a bearded lady and I love it!


After running to the theatre more than once to see The Greatest Showman I am THRILLED to join Keala Settle for my fave jam from the film #ThisIsMe!

Thank you Smule for once again providing us all with the incredible opportunity to join talented artists from all over the world!

I will always and forever get behind music that delivers a message of acceptance, freedom to be who you are without fear and to never waver in the face of societal pressure.

If you haven’t seen The Greatest Showman yet, DO IT! What are you waiting for?!

Love and unicorns,



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Happy new year!

Happy new year, everyone! Hope you enjoyed the holidays and got some rest and had a some fun!

I know many people were eager to see 2016 kick the bucket, so let’s stay positive and optimistic about this new year. Rainbows and unicorns and lollipops to you all!

Also, some GREAT new fan art has come in! You people are so amazing. I hope you know how much these gifts mean to me.



Announcing the Chanticleer Paper Doll Tour!



Hi everyone! It’s meeeee, Chanticleer! Thanks for stopping by to learn about my Paper Doll World Tour!

I know you’re all bummed out that it’s not a real world tour (still working on that) but in the meantime, I’m offering myself up in paper form as a way to visit all of you in your faraway places!

The wonderfully talented Mauricio Mutthz turned me into a paper doll (that’s one life goal complete) and now all of you can fold me up into a duet partner!

That’s right, I want you to download, fold, and assemble Paper-Chanti and sing with it on Smule!

I just love how my Smule friends come from all over the globe, and now that I’m a paper doll, I finally have the opportunity to see the world! Take Paper-Me with you around your city or town and let’s take some selfies together at local landmarks! Or with your family and pets!

My favourite video and photo submissions will be featured on all my social media accounts, and the bestest of the best will receive a Smule t-shirt! Yes! A REAL prize!

Download the Chanticleer Paper Doll template and get creative! Don’t forget to tag your submissions with #chantidolltour!

Deadline for submissions is November 30


Download the Paper Doll template


Love and unicorns,


P.S. – Don’t crumple me. I’m very sensitive.